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Battery Juice pack - iPhone 4/4S

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Need even more battery power for your iPhone 4/4S? The mophie juice pack plus® has a large battery which extends the battery life of your iPhone for hours! The juice pack plus also provides a comfortable ergonomic design with the complete protection of a dual-injected hard shell case with protective rubberized band.

Since it is designed to more than double the time you have to Rock, Talk, Surf and Send with your iPhone 4, the mophie juice pack plus is the ultimate iPhone 4/4S battery case for travel or business. The simple toggle switch allows for standby and charging mode so you only have to use the juice pack plus battery when you need it!

More than double the battery life.

Take full advantage of everything your iPhone has to offer, such as Web browsing, downloading apps, sending emails, or watching video without worrying about always having to recharge.

Featuring Apple's coveted "Works with iPhone" certification, this innovative smart battery case adds up to an additional 8 hours of talk time (up to 16 on 2G) or Web browsing to your iPhone 4/4S.

Fully functional. Fully protected.

The juice pack plus provides a comfortable ergonomic design with the complete protection of a dual-injected hard shell case with protective shock-proof rubberized band.

Don't give up any iPhone features or functionality. With the juice pack plus, you'll be able to easily access all of your controls and still get the speaker sound you're used. It also has acoustic sound enhancing speaker ports for a richer, fuller sound quality.

Added features for ease of use

The juice pack plus is full of features that were designed with you in mind. An included standby switch allows you to choose when you want your juice pack to charge and the included micro USB cable allows you to charge and sync to itunes.

To top it off, four LEDs on the bottom keep tabs on how much power is left in the juice pack plus battery. The LEDs also keep you updated on your juice pack charging status when it's plugged in.

Additional Battery Hours:

iPhone 4/4S:
Talk Time: Up to 8 hours on 3G | Up to 16 hours on 2G
Internet Use: Up to 7 hours on 3G | Up to 11 hours on Wi-Fi
Audio Playback: Up to 44 hours
Video Playback: Up to 11 hours

User Manual:

juice pack plus manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the mophie juice pack plus® charge the iPhone 4S?
This mophie juice pack plus® does work with the iPhone 4S.

What are the benefits of switching the juice pack plus to stand-by mode?
Using the stand-by switch will give you even more total battery life, as the iPhone uses additional power to be on a constant charge.

What are the best methods for charging your juice pack plus?
Connect the mophie juice pack to a power source using the USB cable that came with your juice pack. The USB cable can be plugged in to your computer or any “works with iPhone” wall-plug style power source with USB out. You can either charge the juice pack plus with the iPhone inserted or charge them separately.

Can I sync my iPhone while the juice pack plus is still connected?
You can charge and sync your iPhone to iTunes without removing it from its mophie juice pack® via the included usb cable. Pretty cool huh?

How many charge cycles do you get in the juice pack plus for iPhone?
The juice pack is rechargeable for over 500 cycles. (Full cycles, partial cycles don’t count as full. So, you can charge your juice pack 10% of the way 10 times before it counts as a complete cycle.) Don’t be afraid to top it off! After 500 cycles, its fully charged capacity will be less than 75% of the the capacity when it’s new.

Does the juice pack plus block the speaker, microphone or cameras?
Of course not! In fact, the case is designed to act as a virtual speaker box, redirecting sound from the bottom of the iPhone 4 to the front, resulting in a richer, fuller speaker sound quality.

Does the juice pack plus interfere with antenna reception?
Not a chance.

Is every juice pack plus color available in a matte finish?
While almost all the colors come in a black soft matte finish, the white juice pack plus is only available in the beautiful, high gloss finish.


Product Dimensions: 5.07 in x 2.57 in x 0.71 in; 2.5 oz
Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
Estimated Shipping Weight: 1lbs
Shipping: This product ships world wide
Item model number: 1160_JPP-IP4-BLK, 2140_JPPW-IP4-GRY, 1161_JPP-IP4-CYN, 1162_JPP-IP4-MAG, 1163_JPP-IP4-YLW, 1169_JPP-IP4-PRP, 1207_JPP-IP4-P-RED

Please Note: this product ships with the battery case and charging cable in bubble wrap packaging, original box is not included to save on shipping costs

Product Category: Cell Phone External Battery
Product Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4(S), iPhone not included
Package Content Included: mophie juice pack plus®, USB-micro cable, User’s Manual
Patent: Pat. D616360, Pat. D616361

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