Since opening its first BuyNCell store in 2007, the success of the BuyNCell chain is largely attributed to the hard work and dedication of its pioneering Franchisees. The original owners are still working for the company and are looking to train ‘Second Generation’ franchisees and make them as successful as themselves.

The BuyNCell Management Team is now in search for motivated and ambitious individuals that are willing to put in the hard work and dedication that is required to run a retail operation. Our new stores start doing business from the first day that the new store is opened.

This opportunity is a turnkey operation; we will provide the infrastructure required to run the store as well as the inventory and tools.

The dedicated training team at BuyNCell will ensure that all new franchisees are brought up to speed with the business and technical aspects of the business, we will also ensure that you have all the support and assistance you require in order to run a successful BuyNCell store.