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Projected Earnings statements are provided to candidates who have been short-listed for a particular opportunity. These statements are not available in the initial stages of the application process. Our BuyNCell franchise representative will be happy to share with you the profit statements for each BuyNCell store

All information is kept confidential within the Franchise department of BuyNCell Inc. Group. We do not sell your personal information to third parties.

In order to operate a BuyNCell store, an approved Franchisee who is awarded a BuyNCell location must sell their business and cannot operate any other business without the written approval of BuyNCell Inc (please note that submitting an application or becoming pre-qualified is not the same as being awarded a BuyNCell Franchise and should not be construed as such).

In considering any applicant, there are a number of aspects that are assessed in evaluating candidacy. These include ownership structure, commitment level, work ethic, skills and qualifications, previous employment and managerial experience, strong people skills, and financial soundness. Additional criteria may include, knowledge of the smartphone, tablet and computer industry, knowledge of the technical aspects of repairs as well as business acumen and ability to buy and sell merchandise and services

The nature of the operation requires a personal commitment to the business, and, particularly in the initial years, an investment of long hours. We seek franchisees that can make a long-term commitment to operating the franchise, without becoming absentee owners once established.

Our Franchising Team carefully reviews all applicants and contacts those applicants that meet the requirements of BuyNCell. We cannot guarantee that any "approved" applicant will ultimately be awarded a franchise as it is heavily weighted on a number of factors including:

  • Retail store availability in location(s) specified
  • Sound Financial statements
  • Excellent credit history and satisfactory Criminal background check
  • Successful completion of a series of behavioral interviews
  • Other factors, which are subject to change at the discretion of BuyNCell Inc.

Should an interested individual or landowner bring a specific site to us we cannot guarantee that they will be the franchisee for that site, if we pursue it. There are numerous factors that would determine if a site were to be offered to an existing or new franchisee.

Included in the cost of a franchise is the following:

  • All equipment, furniture, display equipment and signage
  • 60-day training program
  • A store opening crew which includes Techs and Sales staff to assist in the opening of a BuyNCell store (for a maximum period of 8 weeks)
  • The use of all BuyNCell technical documents
  • Right to use the Trademarks and Trade names
  • Support from the head Office personnel

The cost of a full Canadian franchise varies from $200,000 to $250,000* (CDN$) (plus all applicable taxes). At least $20,000 of the franchise cost must be unencumbered (cash or liquid assets), in addition to $50,000 in working capital.The remaining amount may be financed through the chartered banks, upon approval of a franchise.