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We specialize in repairing all kinds of problems and issues with Apple computers and laptops such as iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Retina, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro

We repair and resolve both hardware & software issues; anything from broken LCD screen and water damage to virus removal and upgrades. Don't let anyone talk you into buying a new MacBook for over $1400, whereas we could repair your existing one for a fraction of that cost. We have over 15 years experience in computer repairs specifically with Apple products. .

In most cases, you will not lose any of your data, documents or programs as result of our repair process. In addition to Macs we also repairs PC desktops and laptops such as HP, IBM, Acer, Asus, lenovo, Dell, Gateway, Sony, Microsoft, and more...


We offer


Reliable service at lowest price

Free repair diagnosis and repair estimates

Latest diagnostic tools and equipments

You pay $0 if we can't fix it. Guaranteed

3 months (90 Days) warranty on all repairs

Certified Technicians


We service and repair all Apple MacBook Pro / Air / Retina, iMac, Mac Mini, iPhone, iPad, and iPad. We also repair all HP laptops including DV series, IBM, Gateway, Dell, ASUS, ACER, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony ,Microsoft, and ...





Have you accidentally spilled liquid such as water, coffee, tea, wine on your laptop? We repair all types of liquid damage laptops / computers including MacBooks and PC Laptops and fully restore them to their original working condition. There is no need to buy a new laptop when we can repair your existing one at a fraction of the cost. In addition, all your important data, documents, pictures, music, and applications will remain intact and untouched.

We repair all models of Apple laptops such as:


MacBook Retina 13 & 15" A1502 & A1398 

MacBook Air 11 A1370 

MacBook Air 11 A1465 

MacBook Air 13 A1369, A1466 

MacBook 12 inch 

MacBook Pro A1278 

MacBook Pro A1398 

MacBook Pro A1286, A1425 

Mac Mini 


We specialize in repairing faulty motherboards / logic boards for all Apple and PC laptops at component level rather than replacing it as a whole. We use the latest scanning and diagnostic equipment to precisely identify and pinpoint the problem and efficiently repair it. This translate into savings for the customer.



Few of the most common issues with deal with everyday are listed below:-


No Power, No video repairs 

Bad GPU, no video / fuzzy video / black or frozen screen 

No LCD backlight (very dim picture) 

DC jack issues 

Laptop overheating 

Motherboard repairs / shorted component(s)

Burnt / damage chipset

Apple Mac Password Removal (EFI / Firmware Password) 

No sound / blown speaker 

Bad camera or microphone

Bad USB / HDMI / Display / thunderbolt port

Broken headphone jack

Cracked / broken LCD screen replacement 

Vertical line on LCD / distorted picture / pressure points

Physical damage repair and replacement (Body & enclosure) 

Battery & power adaptor repair or replacement 

Wireless WIFI, Bluetooth, Airport issues 

Keyboard / trackpad issues 

Dead Hard drive, Hard drive replacement 

Data loss and recovery 

Optical Drive repair / replacement 

Software issues such as error in operating system 

Virus / Malware slowing down your computer 


If the issue you are experiencing is not listed above, please Contact or text us 416-587-7959 or email to discuss it.

We only use original genuine OEM parts and components to repair your MacBook or other laptops. All parts come with 3 Months warranty.



Have you forgotten your password? We also remove Apple MacBook and iMac passwords. We can reset both iCloud & firmware / EFI password in a timely manner



We repair problems with MacBook logic board, LED / LCD backlight, DC jack, Thunderbolt, SSD, keyboard, trackpad. Most of these problems occur when you have liquid spilled on your laptop. We also repair problems with motherboard corrosion, optical drive, sound, GPU, battery, camera, USB port.



Most problems with laptops are caused due to overheating which is mainly caused by blockage in fan and heatsink with dust / hair. Dust and hair will prevent the hot air inside the computer from being circulated and will cause your device to overheat, slow down, cause random shutdowns, get errors, and in some case experience complete hardware failure. Our approach is to clean the heat sink and fan and the vents and reapply fresh coat of high quality Arctic Silver thermal paste (to maximize heat transfer). In some cases we need to reball / rework (remount) CPU/GPU/other chips due to cracked solder joint in order to fix issues with no power or no video. This is all done by our certified technicians at our location in a timely manner.


Call or text us 416-840-7005 or info@buyncell.ca for more info.



It is very common for laptop keyboards to have broken or missing individual keys. We can replace the missing keys and make your keyboard function perfectly. This type repair is usually done quickly on the spot

Sometimes the keyboard or trackpad needs to be completely replaced due to physical damage, or liquid spills. We carry all types of keyboards and trackpad for most laptops.



Loose or broken power jack / connector is a very common problem. Unlike Apple which uses magnetic power jacks, most other manufacturers utilize the old non-magnetic jacks which are very susceptible to physical damage over time. Power connector problems can usually cause hardware damage if not fixed, due to possibility of shorting. We repair & replace power connectors for all types of laptops.



We also upgrade all computers and laptops both PC and MAC. We perform all hardware / software upgrades and repairs in timely manner.

Hard Drive upgrade

SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade (7-10 times speed increase)

Ram Upgrade

Operating System install/ upgrade


Typical SSD upgrade combined with RAM upgrade will make any laptop or computer many times faster.